STUDIES Corpus: Japanese empathetic dialogue speech corpus

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here (application form on NII IDR)


STUDIES コーパスは,声優3名 (男性1名・女性2名) による模擬対話音声を収録した音声コーパスです.


The STUDIES contains simulated dialogue recorded by three voice actors (one male and two females).
This corpus is designed with the aim of developing an AI agent that can speak in close proximity to its interlocutor.
The dialogue in this corpus is based on a situation where a female teacher of a cram is chatting with her students in between studying, and the voice actors spoke considering the dialogue lines and emotion labels of both oneself and interlocutor.
The dialogue lines and emotion labels were collected through crowdsourcing and partially proofread by the developers.
All audio data are 48kHz/16bit wav files.
The materials may be used free of charge for research purposes, but please refrain from redistribution or use that is offensive to public order and morals.
If you wish to use this information in your paper, please cite the following paper:

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